Introducing the Bailey College of 工程 and 技术


史蒂夫和格洛丽亚·贝利 are loyal supporters of bc菠菜导航 and have been heavily involved in the advancement of engineering and technology students through their generous donations to the institution. To recognize their philanthropy, the Baileys were recognized as 3月上! 奖 recipients in November of 2022. 2022年12月, the bc菠菜导航 Board of Trustees approved the naming of the Bailey College of 工程 and 技术 in recognition of the 800万美元捐赠承诺 史蒂夫和格洛丽亚.

After graduating from Indiana State in 1970 from the automotive technology program, Steve went on to work for Diesel Injection Service for several decades before being appointed the CEO of DieselUSA Group in 2014; he led the company until his retirement in 2019. Along with his impressive career in the engineering field, Steve regularly volunteered his time where he felt passionate: the ISU 基金会 Board of Directors, the College of 技术’s Advisory Board, the Presbyterian Child Welfare Agency, and the Buckhorn Children’s 基金会.

Gloria practiced design and human resources in her career before becoming the Vice President of 人力资源 and Facilities of DieselUSA Group; she retired in 2014. 多年来, Gloria has volunteered with organizations such as the Institute of Business Designers, Business and Professional Women, the Society of Human Resource Managers, and the Bay Colony Scholarship Fund. In 2020, she worked with the Interior Architecture Design students at Indiana State to redesign and furnish the atrium in the John T. 迈尔斯 技术 Center to better fit the needs of students utilizing that space.

The Baileys’ affinity for the engineering and technology programs at Indiana State can be seen through their 连续奉献 to students through their time, resources, and creation of experiential learning opportunities. Their generosity has led to the naming of the Bailey College of 工程 and 技术 at bc菠菜导航.

  • 1970年毕业

  • 3月上! 奖获得者

  • 8美元的礼物